Adivore™ Opportunities

Overview and FAQ

The Adivore™ platform is the most effective way to analyze the performance of your paid search campaigns both gps tracker vehicle mv2b quantitatively and semantically, in a way that can be no installation cell phone spy understood enterprise-wide. The Adivore™ Opportunities program has been devised as a way to introduce Adivore™ and the power of our Analytics and Semantic Audience Innovations™ products at a price point that is hard to resist. Free.

An interesting idea and fairly compelling, you have to agree. Especially when you consider that the first finding from Adivore™ Opportunities is the $ amount that can be re-allocated and/or saved from your existing campaign spend.

How Does It Work?
First we have a 30 minute discussion and presentation about Adivore™ Opportunities to answer your initial questions. Then we sign a mutual NDA in order learn more about the paid search account(s) you would like analyzed. You provide us with temporary credentials to gain API access to those accounts and we download the range of data you would like analyzed (typically 15 months).

What Deliverables Will We Receive from the Adivore™ Opportunities Analysis?
You will receive an introductory report suite containing at least the following:
• Spend optimization, reallocation & savings report
• A trend analysis of the standard KPIs (cost, conversions, conversion cost, etc.)
• Cost wave report – all campaigns
• Deficit spend report – category
• Conversion heat map – category
• Brand subsidy report

How Do We Get Started?
Tell us what you are looking to find out about your paid search effort, then simply execute the NDA and provide us with account access. Adivore™ will not impact your campaign management. It is a data download only.

Are There Company Size or Spend Minimums?
We find that Adivore™ Analytics works best with entities of $100MM in annual revenue or annual paid search spend of $250,000 or more. There are no maximums, Adivore™ can scale!

If We Want To Proceed With The Complete Adivore™ Analysis, What Are The Next Steps?
After we have had a chance to discuss the results of the Opportunities analysis and give you an sim tracker android idea where the optimization and reallocation (or outright savings) are to be found, we will provide you with a scope of engagement and approximation of costs. If we each agree to proceed, we will provide you with an SOW refining each of those items into a timetable of deliverables.