Response API & Delivery

Any data you think is important enough to…

Adivore® Response utilizes any data you think is important enough to either build, analyze or direct your paid search campaign.

Retailers send us encrypted inventory extracts or sales transaction data. Marketers may want to see the social signals be part of an alert system in paid search…and vice versa. Finance may want to make sure that unit margins are part of the daily budget and that spend reporting is pushed back to the ERP system. CRM and call center? Web analytics and real-time site streams? Any and all of the above?

When your paid search accounts are boarded through the Response API, whatever signals and triggers help you to direct and report on your campaigns are incorporated into your daily alert feed. Or when account actions and hourly dayparting are a requirement, your business data feeds are updated daily to make sure your ads are showing when and where you want.

Boarding is fast. Customizing takes time. The wait is well worth it!

…build, analyze or direct your paid search campaign