Adivore® ROI Dashboard


Manage by the numbers with Adivore® ROI Dashboard.

Adworthy’s unique approach to transparent paid advertising measurement means that all stakeholders (in both Marketing and other departments) within an organization have a top-down view based on actual business segment performance. The result for marketers & managers is less time spent on tailoring analytics and reporting up the chain and more time implementing the actions that drive ROI.  Customizable and configurable, the ROI Dashboard increased ROI focus & campaign alignment to the segments that matter most to your business. And with speed to deployment being an important consideration, a fully loaded ROI Dashboard with over 300 views of paid advertising and web performance results is available for most configurations within 24hrs.

  • Align spend optimization with business & audience segments defined using Adworthy’s Segment Builder
  • Highly calibratable by design to support any size business within any vertical and any number of stakeholders
  • Dashboard in a Day” minimal on-boarding requirements get you and your team up and running quickly with a fully populated performance dashboard

Combine the ROI Dashboard with the actionable insights from Adivore® Alerts and dial-in your ROI!


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ROI Dashboard Features

The Adivore® ROI Dashboard features on-demand monthly reporting showcasing performance for paid search and other paid advertising campaigns. What good is ROI if you can’t see it?

Adworthy’s unique approach to business-level reporting allows stakeholders and campaign managers to easily identify and associate your unique business segments and slice & dice reporting views based on what business units matter most to you at any given time.