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Big Data is only Getting Bigger…Comparatively, Your Budget is Getting Smaller

It is likely that Big Data is overwhelming your analysts no matter how much you spend on business intelligence and analytics resources.

Optimize your current analytics resources by connecting our optimization software platforms to your BI platforms and campaign management software.  Adworthy offers two optimization software platforms for optimizing analytics and collaborative decision support.

  • Adivore®for pre-customer paid media optimization analytics, marketing campaign decision support and notifications
  • Wordivore®for page and site search engine optimization (SEO)

Our optimization software platforms work with data directly pulled from ad networks, from marketing platforms, from ERP systems, supply chain management and other enterprise software applications.  After pushing the optimization datastream to your BI, business analytics or visualization platform resources, your decision-making team directs new optimization analytics and tests for deployment in our optimization software systems.

When you integrate our optimization platforms with your existing BI, business analytics and visualization platforms, you’ll be on your way to maximizing ROI.

Empower your analytics team with our optimization tools.