In-House Teams

In-House Teams

We work with a broad spectrum of in-house teams based on the nature of the optimization engagement.


We work with Marketing teams on both Optimization Consulting engagements and Optimization Data Solution engagements. This ranges from the likes of PPC Optimization on the optimization consulting side to data normalization or data conversion tables as part of an optimization data solution.


We most commonly work with IT on web optimization projects or data solutions engagements. These engagements can range from website architecture implementation as part of a Search Engine Optimization project to integrations with ERP, BI, CRM platforms as part of an optimization analytics engagement.


Our sales relationships focus around new customer acquisition, lead generation and lead quality. Sales teams are regularly looking for new customers acquisition opportunities, lead quality improvement and segment profitability analysis, driving the need for optimization analytics to better understand the pre-customer audience in order to inform new customer acquisition targeting.


We work with Finance, often in conjunction with Marketing, for PPC cost reduction and paid search audit engagements. This often leads to data integration engagements that bring marketing performance data into ERP systems.