Mission Critical Actionable Alerts

Adivore® Alerts provides mission critical actionable alerts for your Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Google & Bing Shopping campaigns. Create your alerts at the most granular keyword or product levels with campaign performance and all channel geo performance KPI’s readily available for analysis. All email or text alerts are fully customizable with recommended actions also included, making the job of initiating necessary actions as simple as possible. An intelligent, user customizable action alert system.

  • Easily manage hundreds or even thousands of highly granular campaigns ‘by the numbers’
  • Manage alerts on multiple data sources in a single easy-to-use interface
  • Bid management capabilities at a fraction of the cost of traditional bid management solutions (coming June 2017)
  • Focus on content optimization allows campaign managers to closely align campaign performance with business objectives
  • Combine content-based alerts and website performance metrics with Google Analytics Alerts (coming June 2017)
  • Visualize Alert triggers and the impact of keyword, ad or product adjustments over time with the Alerts Cool Tool

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The Alerts Cool Tool visualizes Alert triggers and the impact of keyword, ad or product adjustments over time, adding a crucial element of context to campaign optimization.

Think of our daily alert emails as an always-on automated campaign management assistant, letting you know when there are actions to take based on your defined alert & recommended actions.

Adivore® Alerts’ intuitive cross-platform alert creation interface allows you to spend less time in multiple advertising platforms and more time focusing on Making/Saving Money.