Adivore® Opportunities Processes Over $300MM in PPC Spend

Washington Crossing, PA

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Adworthy announces that its paid search optimization program, Adivore® Opportunities, processed $335 million in Google AdWords and Bing Ads spend during calendar 2013. Provided at no cost to companies with annual paid search budgets exceeding $100,000, firms participating in the Opportunities program cover a wide range of industries, business models and use a number of different campaign managers.

Adivore® Opportunities will be expanded during 2014 to include analytic findings grouped into four areas: Budget & Spend, Brand Impact, New Customers and Profitable Sales.

About Adworthy Inc.

Headquartered in Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania, Adworthy provides service solutions in optimization analytics and service and system solutions in the area of cross-channel campaign automated response and management. The Company offers a range of services in SEM, SEO, social and other digital media, all of which are supported by its proprietary platforms, Wordivore®, Adivore®, Trackivore™ and Semantivore™.


Scott Ellis, SVP Client Solutions
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