Adworthy Inc. Semantivore™ beta launches

New York, NY

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Adworthy announces the beta of its Semantivore™ customer and prospect language mining platform that its social media testing and analytics applications have been integrated into Semantivore™. The combined system processed more than 3 million search terms and social messages in its initial testing period.

Presently available through consulting engagement, Semantivore™ is used to gather, analyze and compare root+modifier terms to paid search keywords, social posts and communications, press releases, web site language and other prospect or customer communications.

About Adworthy Inc.

Headquartered in Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania, Adworthy provides service solutions in optimization analytics and service and system solutions in the area of cross-channel campaign automated response and management. The Company offers a range of services in SEM, SEO, social and other digital media, all of which are supported by its proprietary platforms, Wordivore®, Adivore®, Trackivore™ and Semantivore™.


Scott Ellis, SVP Client Solutions
(215) 321-3862