Adworthy Inc. Launches Adivore® Analytics; 2013 forecast

New York, NY

Monday, January 28, 2013

Adworthy announces the launch of its paid media optimization analytics platform, Adivore® Analytics, to help companies determine both the efficiency and profitability of their current paid search, retargeting and social media budgets. Paid search budgets analyzed during the beta period showed an average inefficiency factor (cost with no conversion) of more than 50% of total spend and an average unprofitability index (conversion cost above targeted threshold) of nearly 40% of converting spend.

In addition to direct clients and those of partners being processed through Adivore®, Adworthy has begun the SEM Opportunities program where qualifying companies with paid media spend greater than $1MM per year can have their campaigns analyzed at no cost. Participating firms execute a mutual NDA and provide access to their AdWords or Bing accounts for analysis. Upon completion of the analysis, generally within 72 hours of access, the Opportunities participant is provided a two hour analytics session with a limited reporting deck of results.

Due to the success of the Opportunities program, Adworthy forecasts that its target amount of paid search spend to be processed during 2013 will be $350MM.

About Adworthy Inc.

Headquartered in Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania, Adworthy provides service solutions in optimization analytics and service and system solutions in the area of cross-channel campaign automated response and management. The Company offers a range of services in SEM, SEO, social and other digital media, all of which are supported by its proprietary platforms, Wordivore®, Adivore®, Trackivore™ and Semantivore™.


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