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Adivore® Builder – PPC Campaign Builder Software

The most advanced paid search campaign building tool

The most advanced paid search campaign building tool, Adivore® Builder is designed to refine keyword campaign content using the performance metrics from proven PPC search terms. For over five years, campaigns deployed using Adivore® Builder have averaged over 400% ROAS in a testing environment where cost savings are continuously reallocated to new markets and even new channels.

Builder is uniquely able to support the hyper-targeting required to drastically reduce cost and surface otherwise impossible to find opportunities in exponential revenue generation. Using our proprietary ListeningPost™ campaign targeting and reporting structure, Adivore® Builder not only listens to the voice of the market, capturing the most granular market intelligence, it also generates the maximum ROI from your campaigns by reducing CPC’s as much as 70% and opening up new markets for your keywords.

Why Adivore Builder?

  • Get real-time statistics about the use of each search term in a search engine
  • Match terms to your customer's searches to refine your current word list and get suggested variations that are related
  • Build audiences to the relevant search terms
  • Estimate the actual budget necessary based on your goals
  • Before Adworthy, we generated a thousand or so visits from our Google Grants account over six months...following the optimization by Adworthy we generated nearly 1 million visitors in just over 3 years. New patient revenue generated from PPC during the three year period was more than $18.3MM on cumulative PPC spend of less than $850K, bringing down our PPC conversion cost by more than 70%.

    Doug Tieman
    Doug Tieman
    Caron Foundation
  • "The Adworthy team is incredibly responsive, helping us understand and navigate the search world while absolutely delivering the goods - since switching to their platform we're now spending about a fourth of what we used to on PPC, yet we're bringing in more revenue than ever and our cost per acquisition has dropped by roughly 80%. We couldn't be happier with the relationship or the results."

    Clint Smith
    Clint Smith

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