Reporting & Analytics


Paid Search Analytics & Reporting

We deliver the most granular and informative paid search optimization analytics of any analytics platform. From weekly, monthly, MoM, YoY and YTD reporting through to customized audience segment or audience behavior reporting, we generate the reports that you and your stakeholders need to drive the best ROI from your PPC campaigns.


Web Performance Reporting

From MoM and YoY channel performance reporting to variance reporting and automated alerts when traffic levels fall outside of predetermined thresholds, our web analytics and reporting is active 24/7/365 so that you don’t have to be.   Customized for multi-dimensional business or branch environments, we make sure that your website performance reporting generates the actionable information you need, when you need it.  Our web performance reporting is also integrated with the Wordivore® Voice market intelligence software to add essential feedback to you’re A/B testing around customer voice analyses.


Web Conversion Reporting & Conversion Tag Audit

Obvious – yes. Important – absolutely. Executed consistently and accurately – each and every minute of every day! Our web conversion reporting services make sure that your site performance reporting aligns with your business operations reporting.   Add to that, our tag audit services ensure that your web and campaign tracking is firing and tracking for each essential business case in your conversion model.



We enable you to connect the post-click dots that tell you the revenue and engagement impact of your email audience. And where your ESP provides sufficient tagging flexibility we can tell you which campaigns, subject lines, locations drive the best engagement.


Facebook Analytics & Reporting

Whatever your social media campaign goals, our Facebook paid campaign reporting and analytics deliver the insights that you need to refine audience targeting, optimize campaign engagement and drive the best social media ROI from your Facebook paid ad campaigns.


Reporting & Analytics Dashboards

Our proprietary Adivore® Reporting DashboardAdivore® Optimization Dashboard and Wordivore® SEO & Market Intelligence Dashboard platforms, are the face of our reporting and analytics services. Fully customizable, they deliver daily, weekly and monthly performance reporting for your defined business segments with hundreds of available reports and report objects.  Combined with the daily and intra-day opportunity notices from Adivore® Alerts you will have the information your stakeholders need at the frequency they need it.