Paid Advertising Optimization:

Scalable, Sustainable & Precise

Used principally to optimize Google AdWords and Bing paid search advertising, Facebook Ads and Amazon Sponsored Ads, the Adivore® optimization software cloud contains a number of optimization analytics software engines dedicated to cutting cost and increasing revenue for paid advertising. The Adivore® cloud also contains optimization analytics dashboards, search campaign building and alerts/action engines for managing and optimizing paid search, Facebook Paid or other paid advertising campaigns.

In addition to its internal optimization analytics software dashboards, Adivore® applications also connect with your BI/BA analytics software, providing a staging environment for consistent reporting and analytics. Business intelligence and analytics integrations include Tableau, Lumira (SAP), Jasper (Tibco), Domo, Qlik and more.

Non-marketing datastreams integrated into the Adivore® optimization analytics engines include web analytics, inventory and e-commerce, general ledger and transaction order detail, CRM and lead management data, as well as supply chain management and other enterprise data.

The confidential paid search account boarding process for Adivore® could hardly be simpler: provide access to AdWords and Bing accounts and the data acquisition tools of Adivore® do the rest. Once the data has been pulled, Adivore® immediately starts to dissect your campaign results; laying the groundwork to identify new customer revenue and budget saving optimization opportunities.

Current software applications in the Adivore® application software cloud include:

Adworthy’s unique approach to transparent campaign measurement, Adivore® Reporting Dashboard aligns campaign targets to the segments that matter most to your business; all with minimal on-boarding requirements.

Dial in your ROI per segment with the Adivore® Reporting Dashboard.

Adivore® Alerts brings a unique approach to alerts & action recommendation management into your text ad campaigns. It stands alone in its ability to support highly configurable alert creation across multiple text ad providers in a single, easy-to-use interface. Adivore® Alerts supports all campaign performance metrics and adds additional text ad specific filters such as campaign, ad group, keyword and match type.

And when it comes to true actionable intelligence, both Alerts & Merchant Alerts incorporate a work-flow-friendly action list creation tool to make integration with each client’s workflow simple.

Adivore® Merchant Alerts has been developed from the ground up as a unique alerts & action system that acts as a 24/7 assistant for your Product Listing Ads (PLA) campaigns. Merchant Alerts supports a myriad of different alert combinations including monitoring specific products for fluctuations in impressions, clicks, cost of sale, selling price, unit cost, CoGS and many other metrics. At its core, the engine behind both Merchant Alerts & Alerts is highly configurable and able to allow the merchant to save more and make more money while acting as an internal force multiplier for your existing PLA management team or agency. Both Alerts & Merchant Alerts incorporate a workflow-friendly action list creation tool to make integration with each client’s workflow simple.

The most advanced paid search campaign building tool, Adivore® Builder is designed to refine keyword campaign content using the performance metrics from proven PPC search terms.  For over five years, campaigns deployed using Adivore® Builder have averaged over 400% ROAS in a testing environment where cost savings are continuously reallocated to new market expansion.  Builder is uniquely able to support the hyper-targeting required to drastically reduce cost and surface otherwise impossible to find opportunities in exponential revenue generation.  Using our proprietary ListeningPost™ campaign targeting and reporting structure, Adivore® Builder not only listens to the voice of the market, capturing the most granular market intelligence, it also generates the maximum ROI from your campaigns by reducing CPC’s as much as 70% and opening up new markets for your keywords.

NOTE:  Neither Adivore®, nor any of the Adworthy software platforms, use PII when generating or using optimization analytics.  The Adworthy platforms also do not associate marketing channel data to PII.

Make money/save money from optimizing your paid media advertising.