Optimization Solutions

Optimization Solutions

The hallmark of our optimization services is the 100% data-driven support that comes from our client analytics system, unique optimization software and process-driven methods. The precision output of these combined tools provide your paid advertisers and content marketers with exactly the actionable insights they will need to perform at the highest levels.

Paid Advertising Optimization
When it comes to paid advertising optimization, our goal is to generate the best possible ROAS from your paid search, paid social, remarketing or programmatic/display campaigns. Depending on your current business relationships, our optimization teams will work with you and your agency using our proprietary make money /save money systems and methods to greatly improve your paid advertising performance.

Content Optimization
The customer journey starts before your visitors, followers, prospects and customers reach your website and social media. With that in mind, your content strategy is not just an extension of your CRM feedback, but more importantly it is an immersion into the words they use and the behavior they exhibit before they choose to know your brand. Our content marketing and social media team members will help you to analyze, score, test and measure your outreach messaging channel by channel in order to build the most market-responsive content imaginable.

Reporting & Analytics
Our secure multichannel client data schema drives audience-segmented analytics dashboards that are updated daily with thousands of native views as well as a reports platform that is fully integrated with WordPress for extraordinary customized weekly and monthly reporting. All dashboards and reporting are available on a standalone basis or integrated with the Adworthy service or software solution you choose.

Targeting & Personification
The Adworthy targeting model uses dimensions such as geography, time – hour of the day, day of the week, time zone, and device to drive extraordinary returns and gather market intelligence to be used across the enterprise. Our targeting does not rely on private demographic data, however, rather we use word audiences that are segmented for your business and product targets.

This highly contextual persona targeting not only allows for regulatory compliance when it comes to private data, it also consistently synchronizes audience identification across every channel where text- or image-based media are the preferred communication.

Attribution Model Optimization
Often overlooked as an integral part of the process, campaign or content optimization absolutely requires precision measurement in order to succeed. That means each tracking step for each channel and medium needs to record the actions, events, and goals that comprise your attribution model. Our attribution specialists will lay out each aspect of your tracking model from campaign to web or call center into your CRM, where our word audience identification meets your customers.

Marketing Due Diligence
Our marketing due diligence engagements are conducted predominantly for buy side private equity firms and investors.  Adworthy’s due diligence services are designed to quantify both potential downside risks and upside revenue opportunities from the target company’s current marketing operations.