We don’t guess what your customers want…

we listen to what they’re telling you

At Adworthy, we believe search engine marketing is about listening while searchers enter their search queries and make their intentions known to the search marketer.  If you have targeted the right keywords, they will see your ad and respond if the ad copy meets their expectations.

We have built a unique search marketing methodology called ListeningPost™ that targets using the right keywords for your brand and does so at an extremely granular level.  The outcomes are two-fold:  (1) dramatically improved return on ad spend (ROAS) and (2) truly powerful contextual insights into the persona that make up your various customer audiences.

How It Works
Adworthy has been structuring paid search campaigns for clients using ListeningPost™ for nearly ten years with very significant improvements in performance.  Its highly granular targeting starts with search term analysis by Adivore® to determine the contextual word audiences that have performed the best for conversion and engagement, followed by an in-depth geographic analysis to find out *where* those audiences have been performing.  If previous campaigns have been dayparted according to geography, the Adivore® analysis will also be able to determine *when* the word audiences have been performing.

The outcome of these analyses is a highly granular core campaign comprised of both branded and generic keywords grouped in hundreds and sometimes thousands of campaigns and ad groups.  This core campaign is then cloned across the time zones in each of your targeted markets in order to precision target for time of day and day of week.  Device-specific campaigns are usually added.  Local search advertisers likely will need hyper-granular targeting, which is also added.

Getting Started
Converting your campaign structure, management and reporting to ListeningPost™ is a service provided by Adworthy using our own Adivore® software to integrate third party data and software.  Contact us for a no cost assessment of the benefits you are likely to achieve.  If our findings meet the needs of your brand, we will draft an engagement proposal for your review.