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From Precisely the Right Data

Intelligence Optimization Software Platform: Augmetrics™, A Unique Class of Software
Adworthy has implemented a unique class of intelligence optimization software for business called Augmetrics™. Consisting principally of application cloud software, back-end processing engines and centralized application support, the Augmetrics™ intelligence optimization software platform connects with both inbound and outbound data, BI/BA analytics installations or reporting API’s. Each application cloud contains one or more optimization analytics engines that marry performance data and multi-dimension data streams from across the organization to achieve highly improved performance results.

The Augmetrics™ approach? You don’t need all the data all the time, you need only the right data for the task at hand.

Intelligence Optimization Software: What Is It?
Intelligence optimization involves the processing of multiple data sources through an optimization analytics engine to create actionable intelligence, followed by the transmittal of those alerts and actions to the end user (or system) in the form most easily acted upon. User goals and actions support decision-making at the highest level, allowing this learning system ultimately to automate even the most complex decision-making steps.
Cross-enterprise work flow processes are embedded in the intelligence optimization cloud applications as user action items. These work flow processes are managed and reported by the system and can easily integrate with other SaaS applications at multiple levels.

Current Application Software Clouds
Adworthy currently operates two fully integrated application software clouds aimed at delivering proven optimization procedures and results to our service clients or software customers.

Adivore® is an application software cloud primarily used to optimize paid advertising, including AdWords and Bing paid search, Facebook Ads and Amazon Sponsored Ads. Highly configurable, it contains an optimization analytics software engine dedicated to cutting cost and increasing revenue for paid advertising on a continual basis. The Adivore® cloud also contains optimization analytics dashboards, search campaign building and alerts/action engines for managing and optimizing paid search, Facebook Paid or other paid advertising campaigns.

Wordivore® is an application software cloud used primarily for voice of customer intelligence, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) or website optimization. It contains an optimization analytics software engine dedicated to mining pre-CRM or customer language from a wide variety of sources. Wordivore® also gathers and analyzes competitor data and provides not only a ‘gap analysis’ for your language to your customer language but also provides a competitor gap analysis as well.

Cloud Software Outcomes
Our currently available cloud software applications analyze and direct data from internal and external sources with the goal of achieving any of the following outcomes:

  • Substantially increased ROI from paid advertising
  • Determination of segmented market demand and trends
  • Recognition of and action on ‘pre-lead’ sales opportunities
  • From ad copy or direct mail to surveys and more, scoring, alignment and measurement of messaging for each touchpoint on the customer journey
  • Scoring, alignment and measurement of messaging on each step of the searcher or visitor knowledge path for the brand

Data Sources & Outputs
Processing data for the application clouds comes from a variety of sources or systems, from marketing and social media data to ERP/general ledger to supply chain to operations to web analytics or web crawl data. Data dimensions include geographic, device, hour of day, day of the week and time zone data, all of which are utilized in optimization analytics or reporting.

Evolution in Decision-Making, What’s Next?
We are continually expanding our intelligence optimization software to ensure that analyst and business manager users have access to the information they need at the speed at which they need it in the systems and formats they are accustomed to utilizing in their daily work flow.

In addition to expanding on the current Adivore® and Wordivore® application software clouds, we will be adding additional application software clouds aimed to optimize operations and manufacturing data. Each of these application clouds are based on optimization analytics software engines designed to generate scalable and sustainable ROI in a 100% data supported environment, allowing for unparalleled speed of  decision-making across the organization.


The Adivore® Cloud contains software engines for building, targeting and deploying paid advertising campaigns in pay-per-click advertising including Google or Bing paid search, Facebook paid ads or Amazon sponsored Ads. Its optimization analytics software engines not only provide both threshold or occurrence alerts for paid advertising, they also support the managed actions and reporting engines for the entire application cloud.

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The Wordivore® Cloud contains various software applications for scoring, testing and optimizing brand messaging. The Wordivore® scoring engines use both performance and customer perception algorithms to rank, edit, test and measure literally any outbound messaging, from ad copy to surveys to paid search campaigns and more. The language optimization analytics software engines not only score and analyze website pages but they are also provide content creation, tracking and measurement in a bot-friendly search engine optimization (SEO) environment.

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Our optimization software applications work with data directly pulled from ad networks, web analytics software, marketing and CRM or lead management platforms, as well as from ERP systems, supply chain management and other enterprise software applications.

Empower your analytics team with our optimization tools.