PPC Audits or Paid Search Evaluations

PPC Audits: Independent, experienced & comprehensive

Adworthy provides the most comprehensive independent PPC audits available in the market today. We are independent from your agency and from the conflict of a fee structure with a success rate determined by how much you spend. Our Adivore® optimization software platform has more native analytics capability than any other paid search software application. For years Adworthy has been working with B2C and B2B brands to improve their online and offline media performance with incredible performance results, so our analyst team has significant experience in using the most granular PPC analytics, as well as the common tactics of paid search campaign managers.

Our paid search audits and PPC evaluations are comprised of standard PPC audit analyses with hundreds of available analytics diagnostic tests. An Adworthy PPC audit is customizable to provide the most relevant PPC audit for your stated business goals and paid search marketing targets. From the strategic to the tactical, our paid search audits cover targeting, content efficiency, content alignment, lead generation and lead quality and ultimately profitability and ROI. Our PPC audit analytics will provide an extremely detailed view of paid search performance that you can use to assess PPC performance against any marketing targets from any media channel.

Our paid search audits focus on benchmarking ineffective campaign elements that are costing you money. They provide highly detailed and actionable insights into precisely where PPC campaign inefficiencies are not driving revenue or leads, as well as where they generate unprofitable transactions.

PPC Evaluations: Improving performance results

Our paid search evaluations provide an overview of campaign performance and targeting with analytics reporting that is not as in-depth as that of our PPC audits. Internal paid search managers and their agency counterparts will receive insights into cost and revenue trends, PPC spend efficiency and identification of which campaign elements are delivering the targeted results. Content alignment and landing page analyses are optional evaluation reporting provided with a PPC evaluation.