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When you have something to say…


…and PowerPoint or your dashboard don’t have your back!

For top quality custom reports, agencies and brands can save hundreds of hours a month in data analysis and report design by using Adivore® Comms.

Comms is an easy-to-use, WordPress® plug-in that allows you to generate top-quality automated reports in a fraction of the time. Integrated with Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and Amazon Sponsored Ads, Adivore® Comms gives you a plug ‘n play platform that incorporates your data directly into the report narrative. Or we can create your custom integrations using our powerful analytics platform.

With the proven ease and efficiency of WordPress®, you can create custom templates where you define the narrative, design elements and data inputs. When you’re ready to publish a new report, Adivore® Comms will perform the data analysis and generate the automated report, saving you hours and hours of manual data analysis and report preparation. Customization is easy with direct access to the WordPress® editor, giving you the freedom to edit the narrative and select the design elements you want for each screen.

  • Save time on report preparation and data analysis
  • High-quality reports with flexibility in design
  • Select your data source – fully integrated with Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Google PLA’s, Bing PLA’s, Facebook Ads, Search Console, Amazon Sponsored Ads, Google Analytics and more

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