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Wordivore® Voice of Customer Intelligence (VoCI) is not the same thing as voice of customer…


What is Voice of Customer Intelligence?
Voice of Customer Intelligence gathers and analyzes the language of both customer-centric data and pre-CRM data to give you a more holistic view of the intentions of customers, prospects and those who are curious about your brand and offerings. The goal of VoCI is to better understand the behaviors of your customers and prospects both by analyzing their language patterns and actions and by modifying your own messaging to synch with theirs.
Think of VoCI as approaching customer relations by combining the best parts of your UX and CX efforts, analyses and platforms to arrive at a more comprehensive view of customer personas.

Is VoCI more than just surveys & social?
When you consider the customer journey and voice of customer analysis options, no matter the VoC approach or the technology used for gathering data, there is always one common denominator: the language of your customer. With VoCI, not only are you mining customer reviews, surveys and call center logs; in addition, you are gathering market intelligence deep into the pre-CRM space, in search and web data where your best prospects and the simply curious reside. Unless they login or are tracked from a purchase session, you have no idea whether visitors are actually customers. Whether they are searchers, social citizens, web visitors, poll responders or any of your valued customer feedback sources, in VoCI, it is the words they use that signify their intentions, perceptions and expectations.
In the Wordivore® Voice application, we identify, measure and analyze those word audiences. To us, they are the demographics of your markets.

Does a VoCI engagement also include competitor analysis?
Yes, but at a higher level. Clearly you won’t have access to the most granular data on your competitors, but you certainly will be able to better understand their public message “positioning” and the gap analysis between your respective approaches to the market.

In a Wordivore® VoCI engagement, who receives actionable intelligence?
But it has been difficult to gather words by source, then analyze by the dimensions of geographic market or time of day. It is even harder to define, filter and measure those words in a consistent and scalable manner, so that you can listen for them again in any specified channel on any schedule you determine. And most difficult has been the conversion of this data into actionable intelligence that is quickly handed-off to the right people at the right time anywhere in the organization.
A Wordivore® VoCI engagement empowers you to monitor market intelligence, analyze the occurrence or trend and then to alert the beneficiaries most likely to capitalize on the prescribed actions and help the organization succeed.

What are the outcomes of Wordivore® Voice?
Look into Wordivore® Voice services, the only available SaaS application + consulting engagement VoCI solution. We’re happy to schedule a demo following a no cost analysis of your paid search messaging.



Find out how a custom Wordivore® Voice VoCI engagement helps you to achieve these goals by adding the language of your pre-customers to your communication reservoir.  We will arrange a demo of the Wordivore® Voice SaaS application and provide a quote for VoCI services once we understand your business goals.