What We Do

Adworthy provides three key services to its clients and customers using its proprietary software platforms:

Services are delivered in three ways:

    1. by Adworthy expert team members supported by our optimization software
    2. to in-house teams through the SaaS applications or
    3. via MSaaS™, Managed Software as a Service where Adworthy provides the team to use the relevant Adworthy software until your team is ready to take on that role.

Content Marketing Optimization
Adworthy provides content marketing services, all of which are aimed at executing, measuring and optimizing the return on your brand’s content strategy. Our content marketing software and systems have built-in process management, contextual targeting, customizable keyword content scoring and competitor content monitoring, tracking, scoring and analysis.

For search engine optimization (SEO), we create and execute a content-driven SEO strategy across your main website and related digital properties. When it comes to persona development and performance measurement, our Wordivore® Propel software allows you to create, tag, measure and report on persona types for each piece of organic or paid content, measuring the customer journey acquisition, retention, conquest and awareness messaging goals by persona type, web design template as well as content performance.

Adworthy’s highly innovative yet intuitive content marketing, creation and optimization services got us recognized in the Gartner Hype Cycle Report in August 2018!

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Paid Advertising Optimization
Adworthy provides paid advertising management and optimization services for paid search, paid social, product listing ads (PLA’s) or display remarketing. Our campaign optimization efforts are aimed at two targets: (1) reducing spend for non-performing keywords and target markets so that we could reinvest the savings into markets that do work and (2) identifying new markets, new revenue and sources of prospects.

Using our unique ListeningPost™ methodology, we maximize paid ad spend by honing in on prospective customers using the most comprehensive possible targeting – keyword, match type, geographic market, device, hour of the day and day of the week. The starting point is keyword research: by analyzing the words that customers and prospects associate with your brand, we refine and target specific word audiences, allowing your brand to be contextually relevant to your target market.

Our paid advertising software and systems have the sophistication to build audiences, match keywords, alert on performance and suggested actions to take, estimate budget, identify new market opportunities, and build thousands of hyper-targeted ads for your campaigns at the push of a button.

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Attribution, Analytics & Reporting
Adworthy delivers Attribution, Analytics & Reporting services aimed at making sure you have an actionable attribution model supported by robust tracking and measurement, through the lens of your business goals. All of Adworthy’s software are equipped with top-of-line dashboards that we customize to report on your audience segments as defined by organizational goals giving users a top-down view on actual business segments.

Marketers & managers can spend less time on tailoring reporting up the chain and increase their focus and campaign alignment to the segments that matter most to your business. With our ReportWorthy™ WordPress reporting and analytics plugin, an automated visual performance report, data analysts can spend less time gathering and collating data, designing reports and the associated narrative, and spend more time analyzing the data and advising on strategy.

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