What We Do

What We Do

We believe the customer journey starts well before she, he, or they reach your website, read your social posts, or call your phone. Whether they find your brand, interact with your website, respond to your social media, or call greatly depends on the reception they encounter each step along the way.

Key Differentiator – Contextual Targeting
We use contextual targeting for both paid advertising optimization and content optimization.  Our systems segment your customer facing data, building custom word audiences that identify the language that responds best to the intentions and expectations of each person considering your brand. This targeting method addresses the need for personification – recognizing that each person has interests, points of identity and needs that are not part of the demographic data model.

Word Audiences – The PII Targeting Alternative

Contextual word audiences are an alternative to the use of private personal information by traditional demographic audience targeting. The word and image data used to build these audiences is already in your campaigns, social media, chat transcripts and call-center logs waiting to be unveiled and put to use.  PII is neither needed nor desired.

Content Optimization not Bid Optimization

In our client service and software models, the outcomes are certain.  As clients use content hyper-targeting instead of bid optimization they get outstanding improvement in ROI from paid advertising.  As text and image content is scored and measured, there are dramatic increases in content engagement and conversion.  And the daily quantitative and qualitative measurement of the media in each channel gives a great lens on optimization and testing.

Message Alignment

But the most important outcome?  Your team systematically aligns your messages with the customer’s, prospect’s or visitor’s words and permanently strengthen the perception of your brand!