Wordivore® – SEO

Organic visibility is the goal

If organic search visibility is your goal, then our style of SEO is what you need for web sites, rep management, social – whatever media you need to command the search results rows.

We developed Wordivore® to automate the many analyses required to build and maintain an effective SEO strategy. Wordi’s ferocious appetite for words enables you to develop the kind of unique content that will increase your visibility for the markets you target. We call it your wordbase and our goal is to assist you in deploying that content across all channels and media points.

Wordivore® is both a system and a method of conducting SEO. Our optimization process begins with an exhaustive keyword analysis of your site, your campaigns and competitor sites – anywhere your lexicon brushes up against your prospects and customers. We follow that by designing your online content deployment strategy and then go to work executing the proper page/site structure for your main web site. Ultimately this content becomes both the backbone and target for your entire online strategy including social, paid search and display advertising campaigns.

If you believe that higher organic visibility lays the foundation for searcher engagement and ultimately lower paid media spend (or increased market share), then you simply have to meet Wordi.

Wordivore®, full contact SEO.