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Optimized Data* Plans That Fuel Your Marketing Engines

Privacy compliant alternative to cookie-based ad targeting

Optimization recommendations that generate immediate payback

Omni-channel performance reporting for each business goal

Diverse, equitable and inclusive brand advertising

*Each data subscription also includes marketing performance dashboards and marketing optimization software based on the plan you select.

For more than a decade, we have delivered the gold standard in private and profitable customer acquisition.

Augmetrics™ harvests your 1st party performance data to identify the words and images your customers find most appealing, converting them into custom audiences and inclusive ad targeting models.

Builds Brand-specific Inclusive Audience Targeting Models

Works with Your Existing AdTech/MarTech Stack

Delivers Market Intelligence Aligned with Your Business Goals

Positive ROI from Day One

Generates Actionable Insights & Recommendations

Business Goal Specific Measurement & Reporting

Time is running out to invest in privacy compliant data!

Cookie Deprecation & Privacy Enforcement Timeline


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