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Hyperlocal Targeting

Word Audiences



With new revenue growth averaging 35%+ and unit cost reductions exceeding 50%, our paid search optimization clients are achieving ROI far greater than industry norms. The same highly granular targeting and precision analysis drives similar returns in Facebook advertising and other paid media. All Adworthy's optimization services are fully supported by our proprietary software platforms.

With the launch of the Adivore® and Wordivore® optimization clouds in 2016, brands and their agencies gain access to world class systems that deliver a proven competitive advantage.

Hyperlocal Targeting

The explosion of mobile users has pressured the search and social media networks to restructure their solutions in order to respond to the Anywhere Consumer. With all the mobile-first infrastructure changes, advertisers need highly granular targeting capabilities for their paid advertising campaigns. And when it comes to SEO, for many businesses, both large and small, appearing in the Google Local 3-Pack can make a huge difference in their online performance.

Our optimization services and optimization software products all were developed with hyperlocal targeting in mind. Our MSaaS platforms provide incredible targeting targeting options, from PPC management software that can target and optimize thousands of local campaigns to content creation software that can generate thousands of highly relevant local or product SEO-friendly copy, our targeting solutions help you dig deeper than your competitors. Your paid ad performance will be greatly enhanced and local ranking visibility stands to be dramatically improved.

Word Audiences

From the outset of the customer journey, even before they reach your brand, and throughout their journey [with you] the words your customers use persist and evolve... From pre-acquisition to retention, we mine your customer-facing data to identify and target the top performing word audiences, thus gaining incomparable insights into their intentions and expectations when it comes to your brand.

The various software applications in our Wordivore® Cloud application doesn't just tap into intention data from search, social, chat and call center; they analyze, score, test and measure it, monitoring the trends on any customer centric data sources.


With increasing downward pressure on margins, most retailers rely heavily on Product Listing Ads to add incremental revenue from otherwise hard-to-reach shoppers. Problems arise, however, because existing campaign creation and management tools have not evolved to meet today's challenges.

Adworthy's Adivore® merchant cloud applications provide for highly granular market targeting combined with both product alerts and responsive bidding to drive consistent & scalable ROAS over 1,000%.

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