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First Party Data FAQ


What is 1st party data and where does it come from?


1st party data is information collected from customers, prospects and interested parties who interact with a company’s paid media campaigns, social media pages, blog posts and website. It includes both non-PII and personal identifiers (subject to consent).


Who owns (or controls) 1st party data?


Theoretically all first party data is owned by the company or brand whose campaigns or website generates it. In practice, however, agencies and other third parties who provide services to the company or brand often control the disposition, storage and security of 1st party data. Because it has extreme value in privacy-compliant targeting, the company should have a clear understanding with its agencies as to ownership of 1st party data.


What is the Best 1st Party Targeting Data?


The best 1st party data that illustrates customer intent and brand perception is generated by your paid search, paid social and programmatic campaigns. Because it is comprised of words, images and performance data for each, there are no personal identifiers. In addition to brand context, paid campaign data has dimensions such as geography, device and hour of the day or day of the week. Best of all, 1st party campaign data is privacy-compliant.


But the overwhelming majority of 1st party data strategies or 1st party data collection programs ignore this high valuable campaign performance data. Putting aside for one moment the substantial budgetary investment in this data, its contextual relevance simply is too valuable to be ignored.


What is Augmetrics™ data?


Augmetrics™ data is non-PII performance data consisting of the words and images from your paid and organic search, paid social and programmatic campaigns combined with your web analytics performance data to build comprehensive audience targeting models with no personal identifiers.

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