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For the past 15 years, Adworthy has provided agency management services to fund the research and development of our learning systems, application software and AI engines. Over this period we have managed a small but ambitious group of clients, driven to maintain a leadership position in their industries and to gain market share from their competitors.


Working across a range of industries and through numerous business models has allowed us to test and constantly improve our online marketing optimization processes before embedding them in our Augmetrics™ AI processing and the related software applications. Throughout this period all our clients have generated returns significantly above the market average, and all in a privacy-compliant fashion without the use of personal identifiers of any kind.


As we roll out our Augmetrics™ AI platform, we will maintain a small, select client base so that we can continue to test and evolve our marketing optimization software and 1st party data enrichment solutions. We have no intention of expanding the agency side of the business and will not compete with other agencies. Instead, we will continue to develop and grow our partner and distribution relationships.


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