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Negative Keyword Management

Teaching Your Brand’s Relevance
Whether it is in paid search or contextual programmatic advertising, you can optimize your campaign performance using negative keywords to refine the targeted keywords.


At the same time you can test and refine your audiences, especially the keyword and image audiences generated by Augmetrics™. This approach allows you to teach your brand’s relevance to the paid search or programmatic AI engines.

Two Key Elements of Negative Keyword Strategies

There are two key elements to creating and managing negative keyword strategies.


First is to understand which keywords best engage your target audiences resulting in the best qualified traffic and therefore the best opportunities for optimal customer experience. The same tactics apply to campaigns where increased conversions or revenue are the desired goals.

The second key element is budget or, more simply, budget focus. It isn’t enough to optimize your advertising performance results by increasing budget, you need to focus those budget increases on the right keywords so that your paid search or programmatic audiences yield the greatest return.


Combining an effective negative keyword strategy with a focused ad budget will yield greatly improved results from paid search or contextual programmatic advertising.

Executing the right negative keyword strategy goes a long way to achieving market leading advertising results.

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How to Build 1st Party Data Audiences Using Negative Keywords

While properly structuring the context of campaigns and adding the right targeting dimensions is the essential first step in any digital advertising, you test-and-build your 1st party audiences by using negative keywords to refine your contextual targeting.


Simply put, the negative keywords act to filter out unwanted “fringe” audiences by focusing the budget on the best qualified audience members. As the ad network AI finds an increasing number of interested and better qualified parties to engage with your ads, you are building your 1st party audience data for both engagement and conversions/revenue.

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