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Support Services


We provide brands, agencies, and consultancies with 1st party data enrichment and activation services specific to campaign targeting, execution and measurement.


Our Augmetrics™ system capabilities lie in data intensive services such as downloading (API), cleaning and segmenting of performance marketing data from sources like Google, Bing, Amazon, and Facebook.


Other Services

In addition to the Augmetrics™ data services, we also provide marketing consulting, optimization, custom data integration and analysis services to support external and in-house agencies.


To help paid media marketers, we use our Adivore® software and systems to provide a full range of marketing campaign optimization, analytics and measurement services. For SEO and content marketers, our Wordivore® platform covers a comprehensive range of marketing services, from site relaunch to content creation, structured data generation, image optimization and more.

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Optimization & Measurement

In addition to data support services, we provide optimization and measurement services. Our optimization and measurements services focus in three specific areas:

Paid Search Brand Intelligence – measuring brand awareness, engagement and conversion / revenue by geography, time zone and device to determine when and where the brand is most likely to be successful as it goes to market.


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Negative Keyword Management – managing negative keywords is now a full-time job. Our automated negative keyword management systems handle the heavy lifting for you, so that you can focus on your day-to-day campaign management tasks. Even better, the system pays for itself day in, day out.


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Web Tracking & Analytics Services – ensuring that your web analytics and tracking are accurate and report the same way that your business does.


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