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Augmetrics™ High Performance Data

In a cookieless digital world where consumer privacy has become the first consideration and ROI the #1 goal, Augmetrics™ optimized 1st party marketing data checks every box.


As companies transition from cookie-based 3rd party targeting models, Augmetrics™ enriched 1st party data is your new customer acquisition solution.

Augmetrics™ is the Gold Standard


Augmetrics™ delivers brand-specific audience targeting models that work with your existing AdTech stack to build out contextual campaigns customized for your brand. Augmetrics™ Planner then generates daily performance and budget reporting for each business initiative for each data source on the system.


When it comes to future-proof ad targeting for consumer privacy and performance measurement for each of your business goals, Augmetrics™ is the proven gold standard.




  • Builds Brand-specific Inclusive Audience Targeting Models
  • No New AdTech Required
  • Delivers Market Intelligence Aligned with Your Business Goals
  • Positive ROI from Day One
  • Generates Actionable Insights & Recommendations
  • Business Goal Specific Measurement & Reporting

Want to know more? Read on further how Augmetrics™ has been the gold standard in ad targeting or reach out so we can start discussing your goals.

Inclusive Advertising


Because our audience creation starts with intent-based data – the words and images that people use or respond to when looking for what it is you sell – and we don’t use any form of demographic profiling, our audience creation and targeting is truly inclusive. No one individual is precluded, and everyone is treated equally throughout the customer experience based on their wants and needs.

Augmetrics™ Payback


The second-best thing about Augmetrics™ performance data is that it pays for itself with optimization recommendations and actionable insights in the first week of every month. The best thing is Augmetrics™ data is 100% privacy-compliant and contextually relevant specifically to your brand!

Augmetrics™ AI Engine

At the heart of Augmetrics™ is a decision framework called GMMAD™. In constant use supporting our agency services for well over a decade, GMMAD™ stands for: “Goal, Media, Metric(s), Analysis and Decision”. Performance insights are shared with the user but the output from GMMAD™ is action(s) to be taken. It is designed to resolve into a yes/no decision about an action to be taken.


The GMMAD™ core of Augmetrics™ is encapsulated for our customers in Augmetrics™ Planner, the software application that ties together your business goal with each of its supporting marketing initiatives.

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