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How to Use Privacy Compliant Targeting Data

Because 1st party data includes the words and images customers and prospects find most appealing about your brand, using those words and images as targeting data ensures that your campaigns are 100% privacy-compliant.


The important initial step is to organize that data into a logical outline that describes the goods and services you provide.


Want to know more? Read on about how Augmetrics™ builds a framework designed for superior performance without PII or reach out so we can start discussing your goals.

Building A Targeting Framework

When converting your first party performance data into privacy-compliant targeting values, the first step is to build persona audience segments that are inclusive of your target customers. If you are a publisher, a principal segment would be “subscribers”; if a retailer you might build “new customers” or “returning customers” audience segments.

These primary segments act as the framework for all the secondary persona audiences you will be building. Retailers would be adding audience modifiers such as “men’s”, “women’s” or “children” and then goods categories such as “sweaters”, or “shoes” or “gardening tools”.


You use this audience framework to structure your campaigns, add your word and/or image creative and to measure and optimize performance.

Augmetrics™ Generates Superior Performance Without PII

For more than a dozen years, Augmetrics™ has been converting word and image data from search, social, and web analytics sources into powerful contextual targeting values. Campaign managers use these 1st party data feeds to build, measure and optimize privacy-compliant search, social and programmatic campaigns that achieve superior returns and gain significant competitive advantage from the market intelligence gathered.


If your search, social or programmatic campaigns are getting diminishing returns from 3rd party data (or the compliance risk is too great), we provide a scalable, compliant (CCPA, GDPR) solution that delivers significant ROI.

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