About Us

About Adworthy

Adworthy is a services and software company that is engaged principally in two lines of business:  we generate superior ROI from optimizing various forms of paid advertising and identify longer-term market gains by converting raw market intelligence into actionable insights.

Over the past decade, Adworthy has been best known in the C-Suite and by investors as a paid search optimization or SEO specialist firm, providing mainly those services to middle market advertisers spending $1MM and more per year online. Historically our clients have been growth-oriented companies, ranking 1st through 3rd in their target markets, and led by results-driven managers and owners.

Traditionally our strength has been in identifying the key elements of our clients’ strategic plans and successfully executing on those plan elements, resulting in unparalleled ROI and unique insights into gaining market share from their competitors.  With an eye toward constant improvement, we have leveraged both our expert optimization teams and proven engagement processes with a continual investment in software tools and applications, almost all of which have been used internally.

The Next Step
Following more than 5 straight years of R&D, in October 2016 we began the launch of the more than two dozen Adivore® and Wordivore® platform cloud software applications.  Designed on a revolutionary software-on-demand (“SoD”) model, these special use applications can be used either separately for a single purpose and paused when not in use or as an application ‘group’ and turned on and off based on need or budget.

The Adivore® and Wordivore® cloud applications are both process-driven and yet allow for flexible deployment for more experienced users.  For first-time and early-stage users, they provide usage guidelines detailed as the steps that have proven to be successful in achieving the desired outcome.  Once a user becomes more versed in the optimization or other processes, they’ll find the applications to be flexible, intuitive, and uniquely customizable for their needs.

Hosted on AWS and highly scalable, the two cloud platforms allow us to fully support enterprise brands and their agencies as prospective clients and SaaS customers, as well as consultants and other sophisticated users.  Despite their proven outcomes and efficacy, none of the cloud applications have been designed for mass market SaaS users.