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About Us

Described as an emerging technology provider by a leading research firm, Adworthy is a services and software company offering software + services in three lines of business: paid advertising optimization specialists; content optimization and content-driven SEO; and web analytics, tracking and attribution actionable intelligence and reporting.


Over more than a decade, Adworthy has been best known in the C-Suite and by private equity investors as a paid search optimization or SEO specialist firm, providing software + services to middle market advertisers typically generating revenue of $50MM to $1B annually. Historically our clients have been growth-oriented companies, ranking 1st through 3rd in their target markets, and are led by results-driven managers and owners.


Traditionally Adworthy’s strength has been in identifying the key elements of our clients’ strategic plans and successfully executing on those plan elements, resulting in unparalleled ROI and unique insights into gaining market share from their competitors. With an eye toward constant improvement, we have leveraged both our expert optimization teams and proven engagement processes with a continual investment in server-side software tools and applications, all of which have been used internally and proven in use on hundreds of companies of any size and in many industries.


The Next Step
Following more than 5 years of R&D, we have launched more than a dozen Adivore® and Wordivore® cloud software applications. Almost universally provided to clients who select our MSaaS™ delivery method, our clients and customers provide the strategy and Adworthy provides the software execution, the Adivore® and Wordivore® cloud applications are both process-driven and yet allow for flexible deployment for more experienced users when they are ready to begin software operation.


Hosted on AWS and highly scalable, the two cloud platforms allow us to fully support enterprise brands and their agencies as prospective clients and/or SaaS customers, as well as consultants and other sophisticated users.


Adworthy is based between New York City and Philadelphia in Langhorne, PA. Our clients and partners are most commonly found in the US, Canada, EU and Australia.

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# of Words Analyzed per Voice Client

3.7 Million