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Alan Hamor
President and Founder

Alan is the founder of Adworthy Inc. and serves as President & CEO. Alan’s vision and use of privacy-compliant targeting methodologies has driven the design and creation of Augmetrics™ AI. Alan has also designed and created Adworthy’s internal-focused software systems – Wordivore® and Adivore®. Alan is also the inventor of several patents in the online marketing and merchandise dynamic pricing space.

Scott Ellis
President, Agency Operations & COO & SVP, Product Delivery

Scott leads the agency operation overseeing all agency services, including client strategy, business goals alignment and data activation. Scott is also responsible for the successful delivery of Adworthy’s 1st-party data products through the Augmetrics™ AI platform, helping our clients achieve market leading business results without using personal identifiers or cookies for targeting.

Kelly Sullivan
Vice President, Client Solutions

At Adworthy, Kelly oversees the success of client accounts across all engagements, as well as leads the web analytics and content solutions teams. With a passion for delivering great user-experiences, Kelly not only heads the CRO efforts, but also advises on new and existing product development by providing real-world data use cases and UI feedback to our software development team.

John Kushmerick
Manager, Solutions Analytics

John leads our data solutions team, delivering data and custom analytics to the Augmetrics™ AI engines as well as across Adworthy’s many applications. With a strong background in data analysis, e-commerce and the vagaries of marketing data, John has been instrumental in developing the proprietary data schema that supports each client and customer as they look to automate and scale their marketing initiatives to meet business goals.

Andrew Drum,
Manager, Solutions Analytics

At Adworthy, Andrew and his team have been responsible for much of the ETL and the back-end software development. In addition, Andrew has been instrumental in building and deploying the GMMAD™ core of the Augmetrics™ AI engine.

Connor Simpson, Lead Developer UI/UX

Connor and his team have been responsible for implementing much of the front-end interfaces for the external facing Augmetrics™ AI software applications as well as the internal-focused Adivore® and Wordivore® software.

Kyle Allen UX/CX Manager

At Adworthy, Kyle is responsible for overseeing the implementation of successful web-based user experiences and marketing automation strategies for clients and Adworthy. Kyle also assists clients in vetting digital platforms to ensure they meet the needs of the business.

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