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Alan Hamor: President and Founder


Alan is the President of Adworthy Inc. since its founding and the Designer/Creator of the Wordivore® and Adivore® systems, including the newly launched Adivore® Analytics and Adivore® Response products. He also heads up the innovations and revenue solutions practice for the company.


Prior to founding Adworthy, Alan was the Founder and CEO of a middle market financial and strategic advisory firm for 13 years. He is also the inventor or co-inventor of a number of patents in the online marketing and merchandise dynamic pricing space.

Scott Ellis: President, Agency Operations


Scott has held marketing, business development and leadership roles across the marketing automation, technology and leisure sectors. At Adworthy, Scott leads Voice of Customer Intelligence, Paid Media and PPC optimization analytics engagements using Adworthy’s proprietary optimization analytics, voice of customer intelligence and reporting platforms. A 2012 Rising Stars Award winner, Scott is also a recognized industry speaker having presented at DMA’s: Annual Conference, Marketing Analytics Conference and Integrated Marketing Week (IMW).


Prior to joining Adworthy, Scott was CEO of Rocketseed, an international email marketing company with offices in the US, UK, Australia and South Africa. His past positions include Marketing Director for London at Hilton Hotels Corporation and Sales and Marketing Director at Goodform Ltd. He also sat on the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee for Marketing EDGE (formerly DMEF), a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to Educate, Develop, Grow, and Employ college students in the field of marketing.

John Kushmerick: Manager, Solutions Analytics


John has a strong background in data analysis, retail and online marketing, giving him a unique perspective on the needs of online merchants and marketers alike. Prior to joining Adworthy, he was the Director of Analytics & Project Management at BabyAge.com Inc., a highly data-driven environment. At BabyAge John was responsible for company reporting and strategy, as well as managing and optimizing the company’s online marketing channels.


John’s e-commerce and marketing analytics experience play a key part in helping the Adworthy team define and measure client success beyond just the basic metrics.

Kelly Sullivan
Vice President, Client Solutions


Kelly has a strong background in digital marketing, customer experience design and content optimization. At Adworthy, Kelly leads the content solutions team using Adworthy’s proprietary optimization platforms in conjunction with best practice innovative methodologies across the industry. Kelly also manages Adworthy’s client relationships across all engagements.


Prior to joining Adworthy, Kelly had the dual role of Digital Site Optimization & Content Manager, and Instructional Design Manager at the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), an international trade organization for marketers. At DMA Kelly was responsible for developing, evaluating and maintaining DMA’s digital presence across the web. She also lead DMA’s extensive on-demand education program, keeping all existing courses up to date with industry case studies and best practices, as well as creating new courses for emerging technologies and marketing innovations.


Kelly’s website design, content editing, paid search, and search optimization experience play a key part in helping the Adworthy team define and measure client success beyond the standard expectations.