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1st Party Data Enrichment Solutions

As cookie-based and 3rd party data targeting solutions become less viable and privacy regulations increasingly restrict their use, brands are being forced to develop 1st party data strategies.


To transition from the existing 3rd party targeting models, companies are turning to 1st party data enrichment solutions to supplement and ultimately replace cookie-based targeting.


Want to know more? Read on about Augmetrics™ 1st party data solutions or reach out so we can start discussing your goals.

Augmetrics™ enriches 1st party data to build comprehensive audience targeting models with no personal identifiers.


These models consist of words and images from your paid and organic search, paid social and programmatic campaigns combined with your web analytics performance data.


Adworthy’s History Delivering
1st Party Data Solutions

For 15-plus years we have downloaded, cleaned, stored, analyzed and optimized campaign performance and related web analytics, organic performance and contact system data.


Over that period we have developed a scalable and sustainable 1st party data targeting methodology that is 100% privacy-compliant and generates unparalleled ROI.

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