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Wordivore® Propel

Your content personalization strategies. Delivery by our content software experts.

Wordivore® Propel is a content marketing software platform used to research, target and build highly relevant personalized content and multi-channel persona journeys.


Our software experts execute your content optimization targeting strategies to generate triple digit ROI performance from organic content. We work right alongside your writers, editors and marketing leaders using Propel’s unique blend of applications, software that has been proven over more than ten years of content optimization success.

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Propel Content Marketing Software

Content Marketing Software

Wordivore® Propel includes a number of individual on-demand content marketing software applications designed to help execute your content strategy with contextually-relevant content targeted for each audience segment.

Keyword Analyzer

Research and mine keyword performance sources like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Search Console or Amazon Sponsored or use your own words and values for scoring and measuring of content.

Site Optimizer

Content-driven SEO with a process for creating key deliverables including rebuilt information architecture to serve as a foundation for higher organic visibility and publishing future web content.

Competitor Compare

Monitor and measure the content strategy and changes in key competitor websites. Automatically keep your competitors’ content strategy top-of-mind!

Copy Creator

Schedule and report on content deployment by department, persona, medium/channel, audience and more!

Content Planner

Schedule and report on content deployment by department, persona, medium/channel, audience and more!


Build, tag, measure and test persona content journeys for websites or any channel. Going far beyond mere visualization, Journeys takes customer-centric content straight into the CRM!

Template Planner

Measure the performance of your site’s infrastructure compared to standard page performance. Template Planner provides actionable intelligence for any pages using each template.

Reports You Can’t Find Anywhere Else!

Unique Content Optimization Applications

Key SEO Elements Broken Down Per Page

Need to Learn New Software

Secure & Free of All Customer PII


Propel uses Adworthy’s MSaaS™ delivery system. Your team strategizes and manages the outcomes and our team drives the software execution. Rather than spend the time learning new software, our customers and clients alike rely on Adworthy team members to execute action items using the Propel software — all with 24/7 transparency, any-time deliverable downloads, analytics and reporting. Talk about time savings for your key marketers! Until they have the time to spend learning new software, users do not have to master Propel software in order to get the full benefit of Propel’s marketing analytics, reporting and testing engines!

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    The Adworthy team was an absolute pleasure to work with. Their knowledge of PPC and SEO made a huge impact on the business, and it opened several new revenue-generating doors for us . What really set them apart is that they functioned as an extension to our marketing team, and were always dedicated to becoming integrated with our business and company objectives. I highly recommend Alan, Scott, Chris and co. for any paid advertising optimization or SEO needs, and I'm personally looking forward to having another opportunity to collaborate with the Adworthy team again in the near future.

    Snr. Manager, Digital Analytics - Surgent

    My role here, simply put, was to grow and sell these businesses.  I immediately brought in Adworthy to help me gain traction and market share.  The results speak for themselves.  Today, we have successfully sold all these businesses to much larger companies as we sought to do. Adworthy are pragmatic realists.  In my experience, they will not make promises they know they cannot keep.  Equally, they are not afraid to be up front with their clients…They have never let me down by over-promising and under-delivering.

    RF Capital

    Adworthy was instrumental in MMRF’s digital transformation. From the voice of customer analyses that informed the highly successful relaunch of themmrf.org – new users increased 24% to 1.2M YOY - to the Google Grantspro account they helped us secure and optimize.  The Adworthy team became my go-to resource for digital strategy and execution. Most of all they are a pleasure to work with and understand the meaning of true "partnership". I hope I have the opportunity to work with them again in the near future. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their brand awareness and online presence.

    Former VP Marketing - MMRF

    When it came to the Data & Marketing Association’s digital transformation, Adworthy was our go-to partner. Using their powerful software application clouds - Adivore® and Wordivore® - Adworthy was able to help us seamlessly consolidate 25+ brand websites with thousands of pages into a single core site. And the outcomes? Organic traffic increased 49.7%; they built and launched our fully-integrated conversion model and deployed accurate, transparent web analytics, and our ROI dashboard. They also built, deployed and managed our paid search and social advertising across each of our business units, and audience segments. When the talking stops and it's time to execute, there is no better partner than Adworthy.

    Senior Vice President of CRM & Member Engagement - Data & Marketing Association

    When it comes optimizing paid advertising or organic search visibility, Adworthy’s expertise and software is second to none. Using their systems, we increased goal completions by over 18% YOY from an overall increase in the number of patients, loved ones, and industry partners generated via organic search by 31% YOY. If you are thinking of software tools for content optimization, the actionable insights and analytics generated by the Adworthy Adivore® and Wordivore® platforms enabled us to synchronize our outreach messaging with the words used by our targeted audiences.


    Since engaging Adworthy in October 2015 to manage our AdWords and merchant feeds we have seen improvements in all key metrics related to these channels, and Adworthy have done an outstanding job at driving customer conversions in a cost effective manner. The Adworthy team have taken a deep interest in understanding our business and industry and are incredibly proficient and professional in their operations. Our business operates in a niche finance industry that has attracted an increasing number of market participants in recent years. As a result, the acquisition of customers online is highly competitive and without close management could easily be very costly and/or ineffective. They are clear and transparent in all communications with our digital marketing team and are deeply committed to our business’s success and to providing the highest levels of customer service. Our experience prior to working with Adworthy was that service providers all promised a lot but rarely delivered – we have been delighted to find Adworthy are the exception to the rule, and would recommend them to any business seeking the type of services that Adworthy provide.

    General Manager - Radio Rentals

    Year in and year out, Adworthy drives more than 80% of our new customer revenue, both from paid search and SEO…in the US and overseas. Our ROI is 14% in the month of acquisition, and while they [Adworthy] calculate ROI using only a single month basis, ours is a recurring revenue business, with account lifetime greater than 36 months…do the math on the true ROI! We’ve been on Adivore® more than 3 years and before that Wordivore® for SEO…we wouldn’t have it any other way.

    CEO - MerchantWorthy

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