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Optimized Organic Search Data

Augmetrics™ provides the optimized organic search data you need, whether your goal is improved SEO at the page level or determining the best overall organic visibility strategy.


Unlike scraped data sources and keyword planning software results which are not delivered in context of your brand, the data generated by Augmetrics™ comes via API from your brand’s Google Search Console account, making it brand and topic relevant.


Want to know more? Read on about how to leverage organic search data using Augmetrics™ or reach out so we can start discussing your goals.

Defining Organic Intent Data Audiences


Like it does with keywords from paid search data, Augmetrics™ builds in segmented audiences using contextual dimensions. These audience segments make it easy to create content using the right words thus satisfying the need for content required by omnichannel strategies.

Leveraging Organic Search Data to Train Google & Bing AI


Augmetrics™ delivers a keyword research repository that is used to mine organic search performance data. Augmetrics™ enables you to identify new keywords for relevant audiences or markets not currently targeted. In addition you can identify words that are not as relevant to your brand, which can be applied as negative keywords to your paid search and programmatic campaigns.

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