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Optimized Paid Advertising Data

Augmetrics™ harvests non-PII performance data from paid search, paid social and programmatic sources – not just to build targeting models but also for optimizing ROAS, the return on ad spend.


We deliver this data to the AdTech platform or secure storage location of your choice.


Want to know more? Read on about Augmetrics™ privacy-compliant targeting data or reach out so we can start discussing your goals.

Augmetrics™ Enriches Your 1st Party Data

Traditionally 1st party data consists of PII from individuals who have given consent to be contacted by your brand. Augmetrics™ considers the most essential data available for supporting a future-proof customer privacy strategy are the words and images that can be generated from paid advertising data.


Because those words and images are contextually relevant to the brand, they also form the primary layer for campaign targeting.

Anonymous Targeting Dimensions

Properly targeted paid advertising data also contains aggregated – and natively anonymous – data dimensions such as device types, geo-spatial and time-based attributes such as hour of the day and day of the week. Marketers can drive optimal returns and intelligence gains using the words and images that perform the best in each market for each channel.


Using those targeting and optimizing attributes in an Awareness, Engagement & Conversion framework, Augmetrics™ has generated consistent and scalable ROAS for more than 200 companies in a wide range of industries over the past 15 years.


What privacy-compliant targeting dimensions are available to your brand?

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