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Data is at the heart of everything we do

For any prospective engagement we start with one (sometimes more) of the following preliminary audits.


The Performance Audit includes a multi-point analysis and recommendation of areas to make money and save money on paid search and paid social. The focus is on targeting dimensions including contextual analysis (and negative keywords), geographic markets, device and hour of day (+ time zone).

A summary report and partial deliverables are provided with this audit

Organic Search &
Structured Data Audit

A review of the current state of your brand’s organic footprint, performance and your website’s ability to meet basic standards for an optimal organic search presence. Also included is an analysis of structured data with recommendations on best practice opportunities proven to increase visibility and CTR.

A summary report and partial deliverables are provided with this audit

Brand Strength &
Visibility Audit

From the time they see your paid ads or organic links and listings until they visit your site, measuring brand strength has a whole new connotation in the cookieless world. This Audit requires temporary, read-only access to at least Google Ads, Search Console and Google Analytics so measurement has sufficient breadth and depth.

A summary report and partial deliverables are provided with this audit

These audits are conducted under mutual NDA and read-only access to key platforms, including:

Once we have completed the selected audit, we schedule a call with you to run through our findings.

The Audit Process Has 3 Goals

If successful, we then proceed to the proposal stage.

Better understand your business and make sure we can help

Identify data-informed ‘make money / save money’ opportunities

Ensure there is a fit between our businesses

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