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How We Deliver

Adworthy’s engagement offerings range from full client services and/or MSaaS™ (Managed Service as a Software) to do it yourself SaaS (Service as a Software) licensing.


All engagement types are customizable and supported by our proprietary Adivore® and Wordivore® platforms for optimization and reporting of your current analytics resources including your in-house BI platforms and campaign management software.

Each of our optimization service engagements begin with a discovery process that uses our proprietary software systems to analyze past performance and the future potential of your paid media. Under mutual NDA, we get temporary, read-only access to your Google Ads, Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts to conduct our pre-engagement diligence.

As a Full-Service Client engagement, you will be supported by a full team including a content & SEO specialist, paid social specialist, paid search analyst and an account manager. We will become as integrated with your team as you see fit, helping to advise and optimize on paid and/or content strategies that will drive bottom-line business goals.

MSaaS™ Engagement

An MSaaS™ engagement includes the installation, set up, and management of all software interactions until your team is ready to take over, at which point we will train all accountable staff. This engagement allows you to be as hands-on with the software as you would like, and we will maintain as much or as little involvement in the management of the software as you need us to for as long as you need us to. MSaaS™ is our most popular client engagement model because they don’t have the bandwidth and resources to learn the ins and outs of intricate, cutting-edge software applications. You will be set up with a dedicated account manager, product specialist and either an SEO/Content Specialist or Paid Advertising analyst depending on the software and services being provided.

SaaS Engagement

While we do have the option of a SaaS engagement, it is typically only used by clients who want to manage their own paid advertising but want the insights and segmenting capabilities provided by our software. Also available as a SaaS engagement is our Adivore® Reporting Dashboard. Because our systems are flexible to your business goals and needs, there is a two- or three-month period of involved set up and training. This model is more popular for our existing customers coming off an MSaaS™ engagement where they do not need as much of our involvement in the day-to-day software interaction after training.

Adworthy’s services focus on Paid Optimization Solutions, SEO & Content Optimization Solutions, Persona Targeting Solutions and Attribution & Reporting Solutions.

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