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ListeningPost™ Search Listening

ListeningPost™ Contextual Targeting

At Adworthy, we believe search engine marketing is about listening carefully while searchers enter their search queries and make their intentions known to the search marketer. If you have identified the right keywords and bid them to visibility in each of your targeted markets, searchers will see your ad and respond if the ad copy meets their expectations. If the landing page also meets their expectations and they engage with your website, as an advertiser you will have started them on a content journey that starts with engagement and very likely ends with that searcher as your customer.


All because you have listened to their intentions.

What is Search Listening?

Search listening is the gathering and aggregation of searcher intentions then converting them into market intelligence. People use search engines to seek additional information, to clarify what they have heard elsewhere or simply to confirm the facts. When it comes to your brand, you want to be “all ears”, listening very carefully to what each of your constituents in each of your targeted markets is seeking.


You will want to know what they are asking, where they are asking it, when they are asking it and what device they are using when they ask. In short, you need ListeningPost™ to gather, aggregate and report on searcher intentions about your brand.

Non-PII Targeting Through ListeningPost™

What is ListeningPost™

For well over a decade Adworthy has been using a unique and incredibly granular search marketing targeting system called ListeningPost™. ListeningPost™ is effective not only for scaling and optimizing paid search performance but also for gathering market intelligence about the brand. Delivered within our ‘make money/save money’ optimization framework, the resulting RoAS has always been in triple digits, even for brands who are continually testing the market for new customers. Even more importantly, ListeningPost™ generates truly powerful contextual insights into the persona that make up your various customer audiences.


How It’s Privacy Compliant

ListeningPost™ uses the most privacy-compliant data possible for its targeting then carries the attributes into your CRM or CDP for follow-on and retention messaging. It uses no PII at any stage in the strategy or execution of your messaging.

How It Works

ListeningPost™ first identifies the right keywords that best suit your business products or services, harvesting them from search term data from sources such as Google Ads, Google Search Console, Microsoft Ads and Amazon Ads. We then segment these intent-driven keywords into audiences to match with your products or services and the landing pages that are most relevant to those products and services. Finally we target your campaigns by geography, by device, by time zone, hour of day and day of week.


Then our Adivore® paid advertising software monitors and analyzes to your campaigns to see how well they are listening to your audience segments.

Get Started

Converting your campaign structure, management and reporting to ListeningPost™ is a service provided by Adworthy using our own Adivore® software to integrate third party data and software.

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