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Retail Automotive – Capturing Market Share

Because each manufacturer positions their vehicles to attract buyers within specific audience segments, success in the retail automotive space relies heavily on defining the local market strategy for each dealership. This requires a more sophisticated customized targeting approach than the cookie cutter marketing offered to dealers today.

For more than five years Adworthy has been able to help our auto dealer clients exceed their market share goals by implementing local ad targeting layers customized for each rooftop. These layers include:

The Core Marketing

where historically 90% of sales have occurred

The Conquesting Layer

where the dealer looks to convert buyers who are looking to buy at competing dealerships of the same or other OEM brands

The Extended Brand Layer

that helps to measure the results of all dealership advertising

We Don’t Deviate From Our Promises

While engagement goals can vary by dealership group, there are three engagement goals that we always deliver on:

Implementation of consistent, accurate, lead tracking and reporting for all paid advertising through to dealership CRM (DealerSocket, VinSolutions, CDK etc.)

Audit of all online paid advertising to determine the channels / campaigns generating vehicle sales and those that need to be cut

Increase in dealership market share

Want to get in on the action?

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