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Truly significant.” “Dramatic improvement.” “Amazing.
That is how our clients and customers describe the ROI and outcomes generated by our solutions.

Here are five key areas where we have a proven track record of delivering top-to-bottom funnel measurable ROI. We do this using cutting-edge data-informed marketing strategies and tactics fully supported by our software and unparalleled data schema as we partner with you to dramatically impact your business performance.

5 Areas of Proven Success

Increasing Market Share

Our solutions are proven to increase your market share. While MoM and YoY growth is every company’s goal, these goals are market condition dependent.

Our market share approach is agnostic of market conditions. It simply calculates that you continue to sell more than your competitors, day in, day out. Gaining market share for your brand; that’s our goal.

Spend Optimization – Increasing Revenue While Cutting Costs

In the online world in which we typically measure, it should never be the case that: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” But all too frequently marketers still don’t have the right data to consistently deliver spend-optimized campaigns. That’s where we come in. (By the way, the waste usually is closer to 60% – 70%, but our audit will shed light on that calculation.)

Audience Targeting Without Using Private Data

We deliver highly measurable, privacy-compliant audience identification targeting solutions that don’t need or use private data. So, when it comes to targeting prospective clients or customers and you’re getting diminishing returns from 3rd party data (or the risk is too great), we provide a scalable, compliant (CCPA, GDPR) solution that delivers even better returns.

Increased Premium Brand Visibility from Content Marketing & SEO

When it comes to content strategy or content marketing, businesses typically fall into one of the following categories: not enough content, not enough of the right content, or too much content! In each of these cases we help organizations to identify and organize the right content. The end goal is not to rank in the search index, rather it is for your pages to be the most relevant to whichever audience segment is conducting that search and the CX/US to be as engaging as possible. This proven approach will maximize online visibility and generate a measurable return on your content marketing investment.

Customer-Centric Brand Messaging

Brand messaging is essential to connecting with new and existing customers. To do it effectively requires brands to listen to what their customers are saying. And no, we don’t mean social listening (sentiment analysis etc.). We mean understanding customer wants and needs based on the words they use or images they select and then incorporating those words and images into your brand messaging across all channels and any media.

Cutting-Edge Yet Proven.

That is how our clients and customers describe our solutions that drive their success. Time to Get Started.

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