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Managed Software as a Service:

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About MSaaS™
MSaaS™ stands for “Managed Software as a Service”, differing from traditional SaaS software by the inclusion of one or more human software operators in the service.  This allows users to get the benefits of the software applications without having to take the time to master that software.  Over time, though, users can learn how to use the software according to their own schedule and needs.

As of 2018, there were more than 6,000 SaaS software application providers in the marketing area alone.  Many, if not most, of those applications are single-purpose or multi-functional around a single problem set.  This makes for a very confusing solution environment, with few full feature set applications and equally few dominant players in any single category.

Accordingly, many users, having no time to learn all the applications they need to perform at the required levels plus feeling the pinch of tightening budgets are forced to rely on partial solutions.  The problem is greatly exacerbated by the increasing need for data-driven solutions.  This is hard to do when the applications do not speak with one another.

MSaas™ and the Adivore® and Wordivore® Application Clouds
Adworthy’s Adivore® and Wordivore® were natively designed to solve both underlying software problems:  they are a group of interrelated specific purpose applications fully integrated with a central API directly tied to a consistent and perfectly scalable client data schema.  Add human operators and an on-call technical team for both support and customization requests and you have MSaas™!

Getting Started
Contact us to discuss your departmental software needs and find out if MSaaS has a place in your organization.  There is no cost for the initial review while we assess the need for a service engagement.


The Adivore® Cloud contains software engines for building, targeting and deploying paid advertising campaigns in pay-per-click advertising including Google or Bing paid search, Facebook paid ads or Amazon sponsored Ads. Its optimization analytics software engines not only provide both threshold or occurrence alerts for paid advertising, they also support the managed actions and reporting engines for the entire application cloud.

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The Wordivore® Cloud contains various software applications for scoring, testing and optimizing brand messaging. The Wordivore® scoring engines use both performance and customer perception algorithms to rank, edit, test and measure literally any outbound messaging, from ad copy to surveys to paid search campaigns and more. The language optimization analytics software engines not only score and analyze website pages but they are also provide content creation, tracking and measurement in a bot-friendly search engine optimization (SEO) environment.

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Our optimization software applications work with data directly pulled from ad networks, web analytics software, marketing and CRM or lead management platforms, as well as from ERP systems, supply chain management and other enterprise software applications.

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