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Used principally to optimize Google AdWords and Bing paid search advertising, Facebook Ads and Amazon Sponsored Ads, the Adivore® optimization software cloud contains a number of optimization analytics software engines dedicated to cutting cost and increasing revenue for paid advertising.  The Adivore® cloud also contains optimization analytics dashboards, search campaign building and alerts/action engines for managing and optimizing paid search, Facebook Paid or other paid advertising campaigns.

In addition to its internal optimization analytics software dashboards, Adivore® applications also connect with your BI/BA analytics software, providing a staging environment for consistent reporting and analytics.  Business intelligence and analytics integrations include Tableau, Lumira (SAP), Jasper (Tibco), Domo, Qlik and more.

Non-marketing datastreams integrated into the Adivore® optimization analytics engines include web analytics, inventory and e-commerce, general ledger and transaction order detail, CRM and lead management data, as well as supply chain management and other enterprise data.

How it Works
The confidential paid search account boarding process for Adivore® could hardly be simpler: provide access to AdWords and Bing accounts and the data acquisition tools of Adivore® do the rest.  Once the data has been pulled, Adivore® immediately starts to dissect your campaign results; laying the groundwork to identify new customer revenue and budget saving optimization opportunities.

The Adivore® Cloud contains software engines for building, targeting and deploying paid advertising campaigns in pay-per-click advertising including Google or Bing paid search, Facebook paid ads or Amazon sponsored Ads. Its optimization analytics software engines not only provide both threshold or occurrence alerts for paid advertising, they also support the managed actions and reporting engines for the entire application cloud.

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The Wordivore® Cloud contains various software applications for scoring, testing and optimizing brand messaging. The Wordivore® scoring engines use both performance and customer perception algorithms to rank, edit, test and measure literally any outbound messaging, from ad copy to surveys to paid search campaigns and more. The language optimization analytics software engines not only score and analyze website pages but they also provide content creation, tracking and measurement in a bot-friendly search engine optimization (SEO) environment.

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Our optimization software applications work with data directly pulled from ad networks, web analytics software, marketing and CRM or lead management platforms, as well as from ERP systems, supply chain management and other enterprise software applications.

Empower your analytics team with our optimization tools.