From Voice of Customer Intelligence

to Content Marketing


The Wordivore® application software cloud contains a wide range of customer language optimizing or targeting software applications.  Mining data from a wide range of text-based sources, the Wordivore® optimization analytics software engines score the language of pre-customers or customers based on performance, brand awareness, user, visitor or customer engagement or converted sales opportunity.  This scored data is then fed to alerted users across the enterprise in the form of action steps to synchronize and enhance messaging at any touchpoint in the customer journey or to allow sales teams to engage with interested pre-customers.

Current software applications in the Wordivore® application software cloud include:

The Wordivore® Dashboard is a unique, highly configurable, language driven dashboard that provides actionable intelligence based on the data collection and insights from the other Wordivore® platform engines powering the software applications. This Dashboard is purpose-built to take advantage of all language analyses from the Wordivore® cloud software applications and provides amazing actionable insights from the C-Suite to line-level analysts and managers.

Wordivore® Voice is a voice-of-customer-intelligence software application that identifies market demand or pre-CRM sales opportunities by mining search queries and other raw prospect or customer language and comparing key terms with much larger datastreams from social media or reviews, for example.  In monitoring mode, this highly scalable application parses billions of records a day in order to locate the identified terms, transmits an alert to key team members that triggers pre-configured action items for their completion.  In VOC gap mode, Voice analyzes and determines the gap between the Actual Voice of Customer and practically any outreach messaging including ad copy, search marketing keywords, email, direct mail, survey questions, TV or radio ad transcripts and more.

Used to amplify existing VOC efforts and integrate with existing VOC solutions, Wordivore® Voice users and beneficiaries include Customer Service or Success; Sales, Marketing, PR & Communications, and Product Development teams.

Wordivore® Perceptor is a unique VOC application that scores outreach brand messaging using proprietary algorithms derived from user search queries and pay-per-click search term performance results.  The application then allows for the creation and scoring of test surveys, email messages, direct mail or TV and radio ad transcripts for distribution, approval, and ultimately dissemination.

Wordivore® Perceptor provides unique actionable intelligence to users and beneficiaries looking to improve survey intelligence, email and direct mail performance and the alignment any outreach brand messaging with the Voice of Customer.

Wordivore® Content Builder uses the VoC intelligence analytics of the core Wordivore® platform to generate the most market-aligned content imaginable.  Using paid, earned and owned keywords infused in topic, declarative and conclusion copy structure, Content Builder is the perfect content locomotive to drive all your digital copy projects.  From hyper-local content projects in the hundreds of pages to ultra-scale product catalog page copy projects numbering in the hundreds of thousands of pages, the Content Builder engine first generates and then tracks organically optimized online copy through its web analytics integrations.  Native application reporting includes integration with Google Analytics.

For content marketing, SEO and other copy creation projects, Wordivore® Content Builder will help you solve the largest scale copy creation projects or specialty content marketing projects.

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