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Due Diligence

Marketing Due Diligence

A different kind of bid optimization…


Marketing Due Diligence

We conduct marketing due diligence engagements, typically for buy side private-equity firms & investors. Our due diligence encompasses both online and offline marketing channels. In addition to the comprehensive analyses we conduct, we provide our clients with downside risk, revenue upside, and marketing systems and operations investment, estimates, as applicable, based on current operations and recommended future investment.


How It Works

We start with detailed discussion to make sure we understand the nature of the deal and how it fits in with other current or expected investments. From there, through our analyses, we establish / verify the target companies current market share, market penetration, competitive advantages, marketplace risks, and existing marketing operations performance. To do this, we use all available data sources, as well as using our systems, processes, and professional expertise to evaluate revenue upside opportunities, any downside risk, and future investment requirements to realize new revenue opportunities or marketing program efficiencies.


Getting Started

We start by putting a mutual NDA in place to ensure complete confidentiality for all parties. From there we discuss whether you’re in the pre or post-LOI phase, critical timelines, and the scope of the diligence, including data access in the following areas: data store, target company systems, level of access to target company personnel.

To find out more about our marketing due diligence services, contact us today for a confidential discussion about our services and your potential needs.

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