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Content Optimization

Content marketing covers the range of online and traditional media marketing channels from broadcast television to out-of-home billboards. Because of this range of media, in order to be effective, content optimization requires segmentation and identification of target audiences. And perhaps even more than with paid media, content optimization requires measurement at the beginning of the customer journey, not just at the website or social media where media engagement and traditional content performance measurement has taken place.

Until now there has been no consistent and scalable method and system for measuring any and all forms of content from pre-acquisition to retention. Wordivore® is that system.

How It Works
Word and/or image segmentation is the starting point for content optimization because it leads to scoring of the base content, both per occurrence and trending over time.  For baseline content measurement,


Wordivore® uses two types of word scoring: performance and contextual.


Once the audience segmentation and word scoring has been loaded, any content pieces — from direct mail, to TV transcripts, to web pages, customer surveys, to email, to billboards — can be run through the system for scoring and word identification. Content performance can be measured, as well as brand impact.

Getting Started
As with paid optimization engagements, we will need to have an in-depth discussion of content strategy, resource availability and goals.  We also need to review the competitive landscape to provide more context.


Following the first discussion(s), we will undertake a no cost, no obligation discovery of available media in the relevant channels so that each of us understands the scope of the proposed engagement.

If you would like to find out more about Wordivore content optimization, please contact us to schedule the initial discussion.

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