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Targeting & Personification

Contextual targeting favors

the customer or prospect…

honoring her or his intentions

and expectations

Targeting & Personification
Adworthy has long favored contextual targeting using its word audience segmentation instead of the more popular demographic data. The key differentiator is that contextual targeting favors the customer and prospect, honoring her or his intentions and expectations when visiting your website or social media or reading any communication from or about your brand.  This results in higher engagement and conversion rates from acquisition through retention.

Word audience contextual targeting readily identifies the intention of a body of individuals – all people who choose to use and/or respond to a specific set of words – without abusing their private information.  It offers the same targeting dimensions:  geographic, time of day, day of week, device usage, etc. as its more favored counterpart, demographic targeting.

Contextual targeting uses data that is readily available from paid search or social, where the performance of user-generated words and interactions with images or video are quantified daily.  You just need a different set of tools to mine, target and report on those more granular and customer-friendly audience segments.

Please call us if you would like to investigate how to improve your engagement with customers and prospects while reducing your exposure to PII-driven ad targeting.