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Organic Search

Unless you have a local-driven business where the local 3-pack shows prominently on the search results page, organic search data represents an active choice on the part of the searcher to look past the paid ads for page links that are most relevant to their search.  On a mobile device where the screen limits presentation of the search the results, that searcher has to be pretty determined to get to the organic search listing results!


Within that context, organic search data is pretty valuable, because it is representative of a particularly strong-willed audience of customers, prospects and knowledge seekers who really want to know more about your brand.  And when you add in the fact that data for organic search queries is limited to the Top 1000 queries per day and that most of the top queries include your brand name in the search, then any generic search term data provided is from the people most serious about your company.



What To Know
Due to the constraints on the amount of data and the limits to the dimensions provided, organic search data adds the most value when it is analyzed within the context of other data sources such as paid search, or organic landing page data from Google Analytics or search term data from Amazon.   As a standalone data source, however, organic search data adds value well beyond its impact on SEO, particularly when it comes to adding its weight to contextual word audience analysis.

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