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Reporting & Analytics

Put Adivore® to work for your business reinvest savings in new markets, campaigns and even new channel opportunities!

Reporting & Analytics
Both the Adivore® and Wordivore® platforms provide a daily dashboard covering a wide range of optimization analytics. The Adivore® ROI Dashboard provides thousands of performance views from dozens of native integrations. The Wordivore® Dashboard provides thousands of views at the word, document and project levels and includes unique contextual measurement of any content “document.”


Dashboard clients and customers choose from standard or custom dashboards with integrations such as Google Ads, Search Console, Analytics, Shopping, My Business; Bing Ads, Business Places, Shopping; Media Math, DoubleClick, Facebook Ads; Criteo; Amazon Seller Central and Vendor Central and more data sources. There are two data source (types) we do not bring into our client data schema: personally identifiable information (PII) or scraped data from search engines, typically ranking data.


In addition to their respective dashboards, the two platforms share a “static” reporting platform, Adivore® Comms, which integrates their analytics engines with WordPress for very powerful customizable narrative and imagery for your weekly and monthly reporting. Selected KPI’s are targeted for insertion on each page of your report template and reports are scheduled per your requirements.


Comms Reporting can save hundreds of hours per month in preparation and presentation of periodic department and channel reporting at a fraction of the cost.

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