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Attribution Analysis Services

To truly understand what works & what doesn’t, a CRM-driven attribution model is essential. No more so than in high value lead gen environments.

Attribution Model Optimization

There are no shortage of attribution and click-weighting models to choose from but the true test of any attribution model is how well and robustly it supports your marketing and business operations. So no matter which model you currently use or may want to use in the future, robust tracking and measurement, through the lens of your business goals, are the foundation upon which your attribution success is built. And, while many models take a fraction of the data and extrapolate the other 97% from there, we make sure you have a model that is 100% data-supported and build from there.

How It Works


We begin with your your tracking, reporting and business goals to make sure that any subsequent decision-making is backed-up by robust data. From there, regardless of whether you work in an eComm or lead generation environment – although it is especially important in lead gen environments – we review what marketing channel & campaign data is being passed through into CRM. As with robust marketing channel & campaign data (online and offline) in your CRM, your attribution model starts to become actionable.

Getting Started


We start by making sure we understand your business goals, and how your current attribution model is used in the context of your overall marketing operations. This includes known or suspected gaps in your model either due to changes or expansions in marketing programs or inheriting a legacy attribution model.


From there we get access to the necessary systems and underlying tracking and measurement that supports your attribution model before starting our rigorous analysis, from front-end tracking, measurement and reporting, all the way through to CRM.

To find out more about how we can assist you with your attribution model needs, please contact us for an initial, no obligation, discovery discussion.

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