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Paid Advertising Optimization

If you need to generate more revenue

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Paid Advertising Optimization

All companies in a competitive digital environment have a healthy paid search budget and most companies are also paid social advertisers.  Whether those media are used to support TV or other traditional paid media or whether digital is the primary advertising strategy, these channels are where we begin our optimization efforts.

How It Works
Paid advertising engagements start with a detailed analysis of the campaign elements that have been performing in the past – targeting, keywords, audience, device and ad copy and/or posts.  That campaign performance analysis provides the foundation for the hyper granular retargeting of the new campaigns.  The campaigns are then submitted for approval and, once approved, segmented and then deployed to their respective time zones, audiences and markets.

Once the search and social media have been deployed, we add remarketing, programmatic, and other paid media, depending on the client strategy, media plan and budget.

In the initial 24 hours from deployment, all paid advertising will be reporting in the ROI Dashboard.

Getting Started
Our optimization service engagements start with a discovery process that uses our proprietary software systems to analyze past performance and future potential of your paid media. Under mutual NDA, we get temporary, read-only access to your Ads, Google Analytics and Search Console accounts to conduct our pre-engagement diligence.

Within 72 hours we will schedule a discussion to review our Discovery Report with the key members of your Marketing and Management teams.  Please contact us to schedule a no cost, no obligation Discovery Report and walk-through.

After seeing the Adworthy presentation with the MyEmma CEO at the DMA’s Annual Conference in San Diego and the ROI that was possible from paid search marketing, we simply had to make the switch…in the first year, we cut ad cost by more than 50% and revenue increased by 35%+!

Put Adivore® to work for your business and cut keyword cost by 70% and increase revenue by 20%.


Our paid search management services include management of text and product listing ad (PLA) campaigns. Campaign targeting encompasses time zone, state and hyperlocal locations all in the most robust optimization environment.  No matter what SEM channel – Google Ads, Bing Ads, – or what type of campaigns you’re running, our paid search campaign management services deliver the optimal ROI in the context of your business needs.

Hyper targeted optimization tailored specifically to your business goals. Eliminate wasteful spend. Maximize profitable revenue. Expand your audiences.


Adworthy paid search optimization services are delivered within our Make Money / Save Money PPC analytics framework. Whether integrated with our campaign management services or provided as a standalone service, our optimization recommendations deliver proven optimal ROI.


All optimization analyses are 100% data supported and are delivered to your in-house team or agency for approval or execution. In all cases we provide the most effective measurement model and reporting to spell out the expected impact of our optimization recommendations.

Where there is doubt, there is no doubt. 100% data supported PPC audits. Remove all doubt.


Adworthy’s PPC audit services provide you with an independent assessment of your current campaign performance and market strategy.  Analyzed within our Make Money / Save Money framework, using the Adivore® paid search optimization platform, our PPC audit services provide actionable and quantifiable deliverables as part of your overall audit assessment and recommendations. All PPC audits utilize the most granular data available so that all findings are 100% data supported.

Reach far beyond the capabilities of manual PLA management. Unleash the power of Adivore® Merchant and focus on what really matters: strategy!


Online retail is heavily reliant on Google Product Listing Ads (PLA) for revenue generation and growth. While the features and functionality of Google’s PLA campaigns have evolved rapidly, visibility management methods and optimization techniques have mostly stayed the same. Adivore® Merchant and Adivore® Merchant Alerts were built with full acknowledgement of how much the PLA revenue stream mean to your business. Simply put, with our proprietary – and transparent – optimization techniques & targeting methods, we are consistently seeing massive 70% reductions in CPC and 20%+ boosts in revenue. It’s time to focus the exponential power of automation to optimize the bulk of your campaigns while freeing up time to focus on strategy and fine-tuning.

Our PLA returns from Adivore® Merchant throughout the beta period averaged in excess of 1,000% in a highly competitive market.