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Display Advertising & Programmatic Data

Long considered a secondary performance source by acquisition teams, display advertising is actually a much stronger performance medium when viewed in its primary role as an influencer of transactions and conversions.   Programmatic, on the other hand, has often been budgeted as ‘measurable TV’, meaning that expectations from its media are very low; from any traditional measure of performance, results tend to prove that out.

The reality is that each can perform quite well when optimized and each has real value in a contextual targeting sense.

What To Know
Depending on the targeting, display advertising, even programmatic, can provide results far beyond its traditional goal of “building brand awareness”.  The nature of any image-based advertising such as display, comes from understanding that the viewer of your ad has no intention of being distracted from what they were doing when they saw your ad.  So engagement actions are abnormal and conversion actions are a unicorn.  This is not traditional customer journey type of advertising!

Taking into account your demographic targeting, the value from image-based advertising comes from two key areas:  limiting where and when you show your ads and from the media context, both from the images and captions, as it relates to the audience you have targeted.  Building and deploying a display or programmatic campaign within a testing environment for the media, greatly enhances that value.

Having ready access to performance data on a daily basis is particularly helpful.  With that in mind, our Adivore® platform is integrated with MediaMath T1, DoubleClick Manager and GDN.

Getting Started
We are happy to speak with you about both optimizing the performance of your display and/or programmatic campaigns and how to get the most out of the resulting data.